Jul 1, 2011

My Best Food List: June

SEXIEST DISPLAY - Dessert buffet at the JW Marriott Indianapolis
 These are my favorite food dishes and concepts this past month (and the latter part of May). Let me know if there is anything I must try in July. Enjoy!

MUST HAVE SANDWICH - The Batali at the Goose The Market, Indianapolis
MOST COMFORTING - My Filipino Sinigang soup at Sin's Asian BBQ party
DEADLY DELICIOUS - Veal Schnitzel at six.one.six
I'M STILL SALIVATING - Bruschetta at Blue Water Grill
AMAZING BREAKFAST SANDWICH - Smoked Salmon Bagel at Citron, JW Marriott Grande Lakes
BEST HOTEL AMENITY - JW Marriott Indianapolis
PORK-A-LICIOUS - Crispy Pigs Ears at Purple Pig, Chicago
COMFORT CONCEPT - Kalbi Station at JW Marriott Chicago
NEED I SAY MORE - Filipino Breakfast at Uncle Mike's Place, Chicago
GOT TO THROW IN A WINE - Mt. Vernon Girly Man, six.one.six


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