Oct 15, 2009

Tortang Tagalog (Filipino Eggplant)

Tortang Tagalog

As a kid growing up in Manila, you could never pay me enough pesos to eat eggplant. It's bitter and mushy. Besides, only old people liked the stuff. Now that I'm one of those "old people," it's quite amazing how all of a sudden, my palette craves the food that I used to dislike as a child. Stuff like bagoong (Filipino shrimp paste), lechon kawali (fried pork belly) and kare-kare (ox tail stew).

I was reminded of Tortang Tagalog (fried Filipino eggplant) when I watched my nephew's yaya (nanny) cook this dish for the kids. After taking a bite, I was totally transported back to the days when my yaya used to force feed me this dish. But this time, I actually loved it.

So I got on a tortang tagalog kick and made the dish several times in one week. It is so simple to make and absolutely satisfying. If those kids only knew...

Char the eggplant until the skin blisters

Mash the eggplant with a fork while keeping the tip intact

Dip in egg and saute in a pan. Add salt and pepper.

If you'd like, top the eggplant with charred onions. Serve with
rice and bagoong. Done.

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