Oct 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Comfort Food Meets Molecular Gastronomy at the JW

The pork is "bathed" in olive oil for four hours

A lot of work goes into creating a memorable meal. Countless hours of planning, brainstorming, prepping. Of course,  you also have to execute the event flawlessly. Here are some of the behind the scene photos of how the JW team pulled off this amazing dinner.

Chef Andrew checks the pork

Chef Lindsey preps the oysters while Chef Andrew adjusts
the fish tail so it can fit in the oven. About an inch of salt crust
covers the black grouper.

We decanted the Chateau Haut-Brion three hours before
serving. As much as I have decanted wines, it's always
nerve racking to decant a first growth.

Chef Andrew and Director of F&B, Darin Jemison, brief the
servers on each course and wine pairings.

Chef Lindsey preps the brioche grilled cheese

Special "medical" touches to the wine presentation

Chef Andrew checks the temperature of the fish

The chefs plate the oyster amuse bouche

Lined plates of Kobe beef carpaccio before serving

Chef Lindsey takes the amazing conch fritters out of the
deep fryer

Smoke is added to the tomato consomme using a smoking gun

The kitchen smelled like the Atlantic after cracking open
the salt crust

Chef Joel cuts up the suckling pig

Chef Andrew creates the "egg yolk"

Plating the "french toast and egg" dish

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