Aug 18, 2009

Challenge # 10 : Admire a Sunset

I can't imagine a better sunset than those I recall as a child on the banks of Manila Bay. My aunt, Rocelli "Baby" Valencia, then a budding painter, would spend countless hours painting the Manila Bay sunset from her room windows inside the historic Manila Hotel. The majestic reds, orange and yellow shed a nice backdrop to the silhouettes of ships and fishing boats docked on the bay. For that moment, Manila looked liked the most beautiful city in the world. How I long to experience that glorious sunset on the Bay again.

Closer to my current home, the sunsets on Lake Michigan come a close second to my childhood sunsets in Manila. Last Friday, our family visited the Lake Michigan cottage of our good friends, Frank and Susan. Just before dark, we took our families on the deck to view the golden Lake Michigan sunset. We took each other's family pictures. The adults sipped on gin and tonics while the kids blew bubbles and danced around the deck. It was a perfect way to start the weekend.

When was the last time you admired a sunset? A Manila Bay sunset?

Bubbles on the Deck

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