Aug 18, 2009

Challenge # 9: Visit a Michigan Winery

On the way to Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course on highway M- 22, I drove past a small sign for Douglas Valley Organic Winery. Since I didn't have time to stop on the way there, I visited the winery in between our golf outing and awards dinner back at the club. On any given day, I probably wouldn't have bothered stopping but these blog challenges have given me a reason to take in the most from my daily routine.

Douglas Valley Organic Winery in Manistee Township, is in fact, not yet a winery. They currently have Blackstar Farms winery grow and bottle their wines. However, their first wine harvest is slated for next season. Owners Cliff and Elizabeth Booner converted an old train depot on the Manistee - Northeastern train line into their new main house supporting a small tasting room, a retail shop and a farmer's market section for their homegrown herbs, apples and flowers. It's not exactly a picture perfect winery but I have to give the Booner's a lot of credit for pursuing their passion for farming and wine making.

The Bunk House White was surprisingly good with a flowery nose and a steely Alsatian character. The Bunk House Red was flat and lack any depth - however, quaffable on cool summer night.

Bunk House White - a combination of un-oaked chardonnay, vignolle, riesling and pinot gris

Bunk House Red- a blend of cab franc, pinot noir, merlot and dornfelder

The old railway map

The inviting, yet, uninviting front door

Flowers on the farm

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