Aug 18, 2009

Challenge # 11 : Spend a "Luxury" Weekend with My Wife

How do you define luxury?

For me, luxury is to "indulge in something that provides sheer pleasure." A fantastic meal. A memorable bottle of wine. A trip to the big city. A luxurious suite. Discovering something new. Admiring art. A trip back in time. Some one on one time with my wife. That's how I would define luxury.

Thanks to my "Month of Living Challenges," our agenda was set from the moment I stuck that car gear on first. Join us on our 24-hour luxury weekend in Chicago.

We started with a bowl of Vietnamese pho at our favorite comfy food hangout. We checked in into a suite in a new hotel we've been wanting to stay in. We took a stroll along a park I've always wanted to take pictures of. We took in the view of the city from a rooftop bar. We had our best dining experience at a restaurant I've always wanted to dine at. We discovered two wonderful wines. We slept with no care in mind. A Sunday brunch at the latest "in" restaurant in Chicago followed the next morning. Brunch was accompanied by the best Bloody Mary's we've ever tasted. We drove around to photograph the places where I used to live and hangout in in the city. We stopped to grab my favorite Chicago char grilled hot dog. We cherished my memories with my Chicago friends. We daydreamed about moving - anywhere in the world.

It was probably the best 24 hours we spent together.

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could spend such a weekend in Chicago with my husband... reading your text made me dreaming of "good old times".

By the way... just love reading your blog ;-) Besos, Suzie Q.