Jul 1, 2009

Perugia: Alla Posta Dei Donini

In light of the recent negative publicity surrounding the murder of a British student in Perugia, Italy, it seems only right to share the Perugia most travelers to this historic Umbrian city revere the most: her rich history dating back to the Etruscans, her fortified walls which surrounds its city center, the architecture, and given the nature of my blog, the food and wonderful places to stay in and around Perugia.

While there are several world class hotels in Perugia proper, my favorite place to stay in Perugia is the 17th century
villa called Alla Posta Dei Donini.  It's tucked away in the small town of San Martino in Campo, about twenty minutes away from the walled city. 

The architecture might be different, but arriving at All Posta reminded me so much of walking through some of the beautiful family compounds (haciendas) owned by wealthy families in the Philippines. The smell of roses, the Italian country air and the soothing sounds from the trickling fountains will definitely transport you to a personal oasis we all long for when traveling. A four story villa dots the center of the compound. A botanical garden wraps around one side of the villa. A garden pool surrounded by oversized potted plants and fountains comfortably rest on the remaining portion of the compound. 

My room overlooking the garden was beautifully appointed with all the modern amenities expected of a luxury hotel. However, the feel and ambiance is truly Italian. Alla Posta is a must stop on your next trip to Italy.

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Jennifer Ederer said...

what an absolutely beautiful place! Thanks for the little slice of vacation even if it's only through the web.