Jul 7, 2009

A quaint, seaside village and B&B in Italy

Having lived in the Caribbean, I never thought I'd see wider beaches than those found in the British Virgins and Anguilla. If there were, I wouldn't have imagined it to be in the Mediterranean coast of Italy. This unexpected surprise just 45 minutes up the coast from Pisa is the quaint seaside village of Marina di Pietrasanta. In fact, rows of small villages line this beautiful Italian coastline. Think driving north from Capistrano Beach to Newport Beach, California, on the Pacific Coast Highway, without the traffic and the clusters of snobby, overdeveloped, beachside, residential communities.

Restaurants with al fresco dining and rental umbrellas and gazebos dot the roadside boundary of its beaches; leaving enough space for the Italian population to lounge with flutes of prosecco along its wide, white, sandy beaches. 

I highly recommend staying at Villa Signori. It's a small bed and breakfast located half a block from the beach. Rooms are spacious with an "Italian country" feel. The hosts are very accommodating and speak English very well (which really helps if no one in your party speaks Italian). Breakfast consists of baked goods, fresh cut Italian meats, fresh fruits, juices and good Italian coffee. Just the right meal before hitting beach.

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