Jul 8, 2009

The little things I like about Italy

Endless flavors of gelato (Assisi)

No frills wine carafe (Ristorante Il Vaticano - Pietrasanta)

Wine sold like gasoline (Goretti Winery - Umbria). I actually saw a very old lady refilling her own jug of wine but I couldn't grab my camera fast enough to catch a photo.

The best street pizza in the world (Pizzeria by Spanish steps - Rome)

God is everywhere (night mass in Assisi).

Spacious and well appointed hotel bathrooms (Le Tre Vaselle - Torgiano).

Self serve prosciutto carving station (Le Tre Vaselle - Torgiano).

Expensive marble slabs left out in the open (Edilmarmi).

Anything goes in the workplace. 

No mess espresso pods by Lavazza.

Classic newspaper stand (Hotel Granducato - Florence).

The best police uniforms (Perugia)

Simple pasta dishes (Ristorante Il Moro - Lago Trasimeno).

Wines on tap (Marina di Pietrasanta).

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