Jul 10, 2009

An Italian town that wine built

Torgiano is a sleepy medieval Umbrian town about 15 km from Perugia. It's off the beaten path, nestled in the sloping hillsides between Perugia and Assisi.

Giorgio Lungarotti, the late proprietor of Umbria's most famous wine bearing his family name, has left a lasting legacy in Torgiano by opening a five-star hotel and restaurant to house guests to his vineyards. He also opened a wine
museum dedicated to the craft of making wine. 

Le Tre Vaselle is a charming country manor which boasts a spectacular restaurant specializing in Umbrian cuisine, and of course, Lungarotti wines. The cozy lobby bar is a the perfect place for an afternoon of light reading or a night cap after a day of exploring the vineyards surrounding the village.

The Wine Museum is dedicated to sharing the history of winemaking. Audio recordings in several languages may be rented to better enhance your museum experience. A nice glass of Lungarotti wine during the tour would have made my experience more enjoyable - unfortunately, there isn't a tasting room inside the museum.

Torgiano may be one of those hidden secrets of Umbria; but well worth the overnight visit.

Selection of Lungarotti Wines

Le Tre Vaselle's Chef's Garden

The dining room at Le Tre Vaselle

Pork Loin entree at Le Tre Vaselle

The cozy Lobby Lounge

My bedroom suite

Torgiano Bell Tower

Ancient Wine Pressing Equipment

Small Fountain in the center of Torgiano.

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