Jun 25, 2009

The Big Republican Wine is BOCK!

I'm a huge fan of the Mt. Vernon Winery Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, the Mt. Vernon Cab sold so well at six.one.six restaurant in the JW, the hotel sold out of its allotment in one month. Ken Kelly, our rep from Wines of Distinction, recommended another Mt. Vernon fill in to take the cab's place on our wine by the glass offering until the new vintage and shipment of the cab arrives in Michigan. 

To my surprise, Ken asked me to try a non-cab replacement with a goofy picture of a caveman who resembles the Guv of California. I am not an advocate of the over marketed wines with animals or cartoon drawings on the front label, though, there are some decent one. But let me tell you, this one is a gem.

The "Girly Man X-Terminator" 2005 from Auburn, California, is blend of Syrah and Petite Sirah. The "GIRLYMAN IS BOCK" is plastered in caps on the back label - a tribute to the Guv's comment to indecisive lawmakers several years back. The Girly Man just blew me away! Aromas of blackberries and cherries with a memorable finish hand stamped by ARNOLD himself. This is a big wine fitting the deep pockets of Republican donors yet smooth enough to convert Dems with explosive cab palettes into Syrah-Petite Sirah lovers. A must next time you're in the jdub.

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