Jun 20, 2009

Filipino BBQ

The Filipino BBQ is a staple street food in the Philippines. The sweet aroma of the BBQ lures anyone passing by from dropping a few pesos for the fantasy of devouring its juicy goodness. From petite ladies dressed in sundresses and sandals fanning away at their makeshift street grills topped with marinated chicken and pork skewers to more sophisticated outdoor stands complete with electric fans (instead of the manual fanning) and an army of uniformed people skewering , grilling and selling a wide variety of BBQ at a local farmer's market - the stature of the Filipino BBQ is permanently placed at the top annals of street food in the Philippines. What differentiates the Filipino BBQ from the rest of it's Asian neighbors is its sweetness. Primarily from either Banana Ketchup, 7-UP, or sugar. 

Recipes differ as much as the number of islands in the country. It's all about personal preferences. The key ingredients at my household for the marinade are rice wine, lots of crushed garlic, something sweet (banana ketchup, 7-Up, sugar), soy sauce, black pepper and green onions or lemongrass. Marinate the meat overnight and grill the next day. Very simple.


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