Jun 8, 2011

A Perfect Martini at the Temple Bar, NYC

As the U.S. goes more casual in every lifestyle arena, classic watering holes like the Temple Bar in Manhattan is slowly fading away like Blockbuster video stores in every intersection. The Temple's interior is dark and masculine; the food was simply prepared, yet predictably good. It was a pure delight to order a gin martini in a bar that epitomizes the
heyday of men donning fedoras and pocket squares. Where smoking a Cohiba was fashionable at any time of the day.

Do you know of any other bars in the US that captures the allure of the classic martini?


Unknown said...

Eye cocktail look delicious too. martini drink is refreshing and pure. bar here is also beautiful and magical

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amantr said...

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trung said...

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amantr said...

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mantr said...

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