Jun 11, 2011

JW Marriott opens jdek with new cabanas; introduces jsquad

The highly popular jdek at the JW Marriott opened last night to a very enthusiastic crowd of guests. Much of the excitement revolves around the six new cabanas that adds a dramatic flare to the jdek's riverfront setting. 

"This is a delicious addition to the JW," says Jai Yung. "The cabanas frame the river wonderfully. I can just imagine the amount of business this addition will bring to the hotel."

The three large cabanas on the southern end of the jdek can be reserved for private dinners and events such as bridal
showers and corporate receptions for a minimum food and beverage of $500 per cabana. There is no charge for reserving the cabanas if the minimum is met.

The JW also introduced its summer street team promotion of the "jsquad." Members of the jsquad will be handing our jsquad t-shirts all over the city this summer. Holders of the shirts are encourage to post their picture wearing the shirt on the JW Facebook page. Each week, the JW will pick a winner and hand out a $50 gift certificate to six.one.six/jdek restaurant at the JW for the best and most creative photo. Special consideration will be given to photographs featuring other destinations.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cheesy JW is. Jsquad!? Seriously? I read this and seriously thought this was a farce piece. Come to find at the end you were serious.

Instead of creating a cool space and letting it speak for itself, you guys had to gather a group of super self involved GR wanna be socialits and take flashy pictures and quote eachother in a fake article.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Finally someone said it! Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

It's called marketing, its not some exclusive club that you seem so bitter to be left out of. What company wouldn't want people all over town wearing their shirts?

And as for the so called "GR wanna be socialites" most of the people in those photos are very active in making a difference in the community through various charities and non-profit organizations....it might serve you well to get out from behind your computer and do some good in the community yourself...and check out the jdek, its a nice place.

Anonymous said...

No issues with the marketing point George. You will have hundreds of people snapping shots around town with your shirts on. I simply pointed out that it was cheesy.

I find it interesting that because i'm not constantly being photographed at every JW party there is that means i'm hiding behind a computer and not out helping the community? Seriously?

I thought people did charity work to help others and the community they live in. Not to justify their need to be a part of every photo opt and press release there is.

My Hotel Life said...

Dear "Cheesy" Anonymous,

I am sorry but I wasn't the one who responded to your initial comment. I always identify myself on my responses.

The jdek speaks for itself and the the jsquad is simply a fun way to promote the JW on facebook. That's it. You are taking it too seriously, my friend, Have some fun.

Please give us some great ideas you might have to promote the hotel and the community. We are very open to your wonderful ideas.

My blog is a representation of what I love to do. And I love to take pictures of people who I love to hang out with just like you might have pictures of your friends on your facebook page etc. That's it. Just having fun.

Do me a favor and give me a call (616) 242-1414. I'll even buy you a cup of coffee. Actually, we have a great cheese plate at the JW; you might even love it. I can understand why you are afraid to identity yourself online. Be bold and give me a buzz.

By the way, thanks for reading my blog!


liverpool apartments said...

very nice pictures... missing my friends:(

The Burnett Family said...

George - great blog!!! great fb page. I'm a senior catering sales executive at the Marriott in Troy, MI. We are just getting our FB page up & running. Your marketing ideas are very creative!! I'll be following your blog! My husband & I just stayed at your hotel this past Saturday for our 1st anniversary. It was an amazing property!!! We will definitely be back. We are both in the hospitality industry (my husband is a chef) and really enjoyed the level of service at your hotel. You must be so proud of your staff!! Kristin at the concierge desk went above & beyond for our 1st anniversary too!!! She is a great asset to the hotel.

Thank you for a wonderful stay!! We will be back again very soon!!

sathya said...

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