May 19, 2011

JW Marriott Hong Kong: The Best Noodle Bar in Asia

A JW Marriott Hong Kong chef cooks fresh noodles in steaming pots of broth

I love noodle bars. Usually the dive-types where one has to trek through an obstacle of narrow alleys, rows of mom and pop stores and walking past a herd of men smoking the local cigarettes while peering residents observe the strangers through cubby hole windows. Not exactly the most elegant of passageways, but the experience certainly creates a build up for the most amazing bowls of hot stock with fresh cut noodles.

And then, there's the Noodle Bar at the JW Marriott Hong Kong. A striking contrast from the standard fare nestled in the lobby of the JW, with striking views of Central. My sister Haj, a resident of Hong Kong, is responsible for
introducing me to this mecca of noodle "joints." She and her tai-tai friends gather here every Friday to indulge in the best noodle cornucopia known to man. That's definitely how I felt during my first encounter.

The set-up is simple, yet quite elaborate. Grab a bowl and fill it with the bar's vast selection of fillings: fresh mussels and shrimp, exotic mushrooms, seaweed, an array of vegetables, and of course, a dizzying variety of noodles. You hand it over to one of the chefs who would dunk the items you selected in these steaming pots of broth. You would then walk over to the condiment station and settle on your choice of seasonings and sauce to accompany your bowl of Asian delight.

If that isn't enough, a Western style salad bar serves as an additional option. Just like the noodle bar, the JW Marriott offers a selection like no other. A chef tosses your salad selection in this rotating wooden bowl which is entertainment in itself. And yes, don't forget the dessert station.

Hong Kong abounds with excellent noodle bars in every corner. However, the JW Marriott Hong Kong elevates this culinary experience to new heights. If you only have one dining option during your short layover in Hong Kong, a bowl of noodles at the JW will surely hit the spot. 

I couldn't happens even to the best

My sister Haj and I at the noodle bar lounge


Matt Taber said...

Looks fabulous! Any plans for one in the JW in Grand Rapids? :D That would be...what's the word...Epic? Tremendous? Fabulous? All of the above?

Now I'm hungry for noodles, and it's only 9am.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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was wonderful. ingenious cooks delicious dishes. I love this restaurant. tasty too. wish you more success :x

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