Apr 6, 2011

Escape to New York

2:02 am, Ace Hotel lobby
I'm in New York this week to discover some new eateries and back alley destinations. This week is also about reacquainting with favorites places and friends from a not so distant past . So far, I have finally seen with my very own eyes how the Xian hand pulled noodles are made at this dive near the mouth of the Manhattan bridge and came to the conclusion that the best views of Manhattan is not necessarily from the top of the tallest buildings, but from thirty five stories overlooking the park. Discoveries are made wherever you look in this gleaming city of contrasts. You just have
to stop and watch as people walk past you as you dine al fresco with a bowl of spaghetti and sardines; as you stare at the person across the aisle in a subway train; and as you listen to the table kissed against yours at a back alley restaurant.

I love New York for its glitz and imperfections. Stay tuned this weekend as I share with you my week in the city. In the meantime, enjoy these vignettes of the city that never ceases to amaze the wanderer.

Ace Hotel Gym
Columbus Circle
# 1 Subway Line - Boy with two strangers
Gateway to the High Line
High Line tracks 
Whole Foods Heaven
Blue Falls, Chelsea Market
Ninth Street Espresso
Chelsea Market Gallery
Bacon Salt
Balsamic at the Filling Station
Men Waiting - A common sight at every Anthropologie store
Sofa and Table - Anthropologie Chelsea Market
Subway connection
Nut Vendor - 46th and 9th
View from 35 stories high
Columbus Circle rotunda
Chihuly at the Mandarin Oriental
Happy Art - Houston and Bowery


vic said...

George, you are quite the photographer. White the collection of glitz and imperfections. Vic and vickie

Unknown said...

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new york is always the destination of many. although it is sometimes quiet but always lively and attractive