Apr 3, 2011

Bakon Vodka: A Carnivore's Cocktail

My friend Don "Big Daddy" MacKenzie presented me with this beautiful bottle of bacon-infused vodka after returning from his weekly business trip to California. I found myself along with Big Daddy, my wife and in-laws at the 24-hour Grand Coney diner devouring corned beef hash and country fried steak at 4 AM. Seven hours later, I was in my kitchen concocting Bakon bloody mary's to the delight of our brunch guests.

I took a sip of Bakon before pouring it into a glass with of spicy bloody mary mix. This 100% premium Idaho potato vodka was clean on the palate, and without a doubt, infused a smoky bacon flavor. I probably won't make a habit of drinking it straight up, but as a bloody mary, it is a carnivore's delight.

Bakon is unfortunately not available in Michigan. For now, you will have to figure out which of your friends could purchase a bottle from the roughly 20 states that have it available. Or better yet, I'm always game for a little home-cooked Sunday brunch. I'll definitely bring the bakon!


Diane said...

I've seen this around the internet, &as much as reviews seem to suggest it's just a novelty I think I'd love it! Perhaps my bacon addiction has reached epic proportions. Yum!

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