Mar 2, 2011

Lady Gaga Delivers A Monster Performance in Grand Rapids

March 1 will always be remembered as the night Lady Gaga turned this Midwest city upside down. It was an evening where the dark suits in jeans hob knobbed with tattoo artists in lingerie, salon keepers with giant bows with bank presidents, local style icons with Gaga make-up with soccer moms. To say that Grand Rapids hasn't arrived as a major entertainment destination is a true understatement. "G-Rap," as Lady Gaga said at the top of her lungs, "is the place to
be!" Get used to it.

With her "little monsters" on her back, Lady Gaga more than delivers an energetic performance. She had the crowd on their feet the whole night, fist pumping and gyrating to her 18-song set list. The packed Van Andel arena crowd screamed back in response to every single time she mentioned Grand Rapids, G-Rap and Michigan. She definitely has the entertainment prowess of a Madonna. But as a marketer of her brand, Gaga might have a slight edge over Madge.

Gaga, count G-Rap in for your next tour. This time, we will welcome you as one of our own.

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