Feb 27, 2011

Del Seoul - Korean Street Food Arrives in Chicago

Bulgogi and Kalbi Tacocs $2.50
Chicago Magazine rates Del Seoul as one of the 10 hottest restaurants in the city at the moment. Unlike the other 9 restaurants with higher end pricing, Del Seoul is street food pricing with a storefront. A year after Kogi BBQ food truck in Los Angeles took off, Chicago can now claim her version of the Korean taco - Korean BBQ served with
cilantro, onions, chili sauce, secret slaw and grilled white corn tortillas.

Located in the epicenter of Lincoln Park's yuppie corner on Clark and Wrightwood, Del Seoul is destined to be a keeper of a restaurant with the young college graduates in the area. In addition to the tacos, del Seoul also offers Korean BBQ plates of kalbi, bulgogi and spicy bbq pork. Korean style "Bahn Mi" sandwiches are also on the docket along with specialties such as Bibimbop, Kimchi fries and Seoul style dumplings.

Starving from our drive from Grand Rapids to Michigan, my daughter Margaux and I devoured our own kalbi and bulgogi plates, shared two tacos and munched on the kimchi fries. The plates and tacos were right on while the kimchi fries could have used a little more kimchi. I regret not ordering the 100 year-old-recipe street dumplings which most of the tables ordered. Eight pieces of small pork dumplings are served on top of a steam plate with a sake-soy dipping sauce. It looked delicious.

If you're looking for a quick and appetizing meal on your next trip to Chicago, you won't regret a trip to this Asian street food haven.

Can Filipino tacos take off next? Tocino and longaniza tacos...hmm, sounds mouth watering.
Kalbi Plate - Grilled Beef Short Ribs with Sweet Soy, Soju Marinade $10.50
Kimchi Fries - fries topped with Kimchi, Pork Belly, Onions, Scallions, Melted Cheddar
and Jack, Sour Cream $6.95
Margaux enjoying her Bulgogi Plate $9.85 
Korean Street Art
"Hi Tech" menu screens

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