Jan 18, 2011

Recycle Runway

Once in awhile, I discover something unexpected during the course of my travels.. It could be a small magic of a restaurant that is tucked away in an alley somewhere in Kowloon or finding the perfect cologne in an unknown boutique in the Marais in Paris. These discoveries are the little vignettes of a city that add color to once adventure.

Such was the case during a layover in Phoenix when I stumbled upon this exhibition of Eco Trash Couture artist Nancy Judd. Domestic airports are finally stepping up to the plate by adding new elements to the dreaded layover. This small exhibition off to the side of the food court was a gem considering the items the artist used are common items such as Target bags, rusty nails and telephone directories. Pretty clever, I thought. It was a good diversion to what would have been an uneventful 15 minutes at the airport. So on your next airport layover, see if you discover something worthwhile.

Do you know of any airports with special and unique exhibitions? Why don't you share it with us.

Target vintage dress and hat

Dress, purse and shoes using Coke aluminum pieces

Rusty nail dress and accessories
Short dress using colorful plastic detergent containers

Outfit and boots using pages from a telephone directory

Dress and shoes using broken glass
Evening gown using recycled plastic


Business Directory said...

Yes there are many boutiques in the France which introduce the new fashion style in especially dressings.Like here in picture of your blog.It is looking very nice.

Nancy Judd said...

Thank you for your compliments! I'm glad that you enjoyed my work and that the exhibition provided you a little diversion during your travels! My next show will be in the Atlanta Airport, Concourse E. I will install it in March, and it will be up for 1 year. I’m in the process of designing a new garment for Delta Air Lines called the Environmental Steward-ess… you can follow the step-by-step creation on: facebook.com/Recycle.Runway.
Happy Travels and Recycling!

My Hotel Life said...

Nancy, Thanks for the information. Congratulations on your work. very impressive.

Lancelin Tourist Centre said...

Great article….!!!Nice to know about new things with helping concept.

I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target!

KellieBellieVaughan said...

This is fantastic! I'm participating in a recycle runway fashion show next month. You gave me some great helpful ideas!

My Hotel Life said...

Kellie, Send MHL some photos!

My Hotel Life said...

Thank you Lancelin Tourist Centre. Let me know if I could be of assistance.

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