Jan 15, 2011

The Chop House

Lobster Bisque served table side ($8.95)

Consistency is the one thing you can expect The Chop House in downtown Grand Rapids to deliver every single time. The martini's at the bar are luscious, the steaks are cooked properly and the service is always warm and professional. On this night, the restaurant was humming with expense account clients and winter couples celebrating their anniversaries. 

The Chop House doesn't deviate from the traditional steak house interiors. The dining room is dark with soft lighting and original and reproduction art grace the walls. Jazz standards played on the PA system and the occasional bursts of
laughter would fill the room as the clinking of champagne glasses marked another celebratory event.

Our party of four didn't stray away from the steak house standards: lobster bisque for starters, wedge and caesar salads followed, steaks and dover sole for entrees with a side of mushrooms and asparagus and a bowl of creme brulee to top the evening. As expected, the lobster bisque stole the show and the sauteed mushrooms comes a close second. My New York strip was good, but I certainly have had better strips in the city. The Dover Sole, with it's table side presentation, was a classic dish for the white tablecloth crowd. We enjoyed a bottle of the Chateau Montelena ($86) and Cuvaison ($79) cabernet sauvignon. 

The Chop House is a sure thing for entertaining out-of-town guests or when celebrating special occasions. Our dinner for four with tip was over $500. Expensive? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely.

The dining room
Wedge Salad ($7.95)
Caesar Salad ($8.95)
New York Strip ($43.95)
Grilled Asparagus with Shaved Parmesan ($9.95)
Our server debones the Dover Sole (MP)
Amazing sauteed wild mushrooms ($8.95)
Dover Sole
Creme Brulee


Anonymous said...

All well and good for a chain steak house. But, when was this, Recently?

Asparagus and berries in the middle of winter? I can't imagine paying $10 for a plate of asparagus out of season.

EatingOurWayThroughGrandRapids said...

It looks and sounds delicious! Great food photos. Is this a chain as anonymous said?

My Hotel Life said...

The Chop House is a small chain based in Ann Arbor. Steak Houses are not exactly the place for seasonality of food items. This was taken just recently.

My Hotel Life said...

By the way, Eating Our Way through Grand Rapids, I just checked out your blog and it is very nice. I will start following it.

Ben Powell said...

GA - Great review of The Chop House. Joe, Scott, and I were there shortly before my wedding. The celebration ended with Laphroaig and Ashtons in La Dolce Vita. You brought back some good memories in your blog. Cheers!

EatingOurWayThroughGrandRapids said...

Thank you for the information, the blog follow, and your nice comments!

Anonymous said...

Seasonality is one thing, but good sourcing of a product out of season is another.

If their getting high quality product out of season, great. That's not the case. they're buying produce off the GFS truck and charging a huge price for it.

Also, (having been in this particular kitchen) they are selling choice meat as Prime.

It's a shame to see GR cling to a chain restaurant, when there are so many great local restaurants in town who take their sourcing much more serious.

kkgoh said...

For $500 its way too expensive for me, but looking at the photos. Its worth a try

filipino singles said...

If I am to rate this place? I am giving it 5 stars because this place has great food, great service, and is truly unique. It's just a little pricey.

kinhip said...

A bit pricey but well worth a try