Nov 22, 2010

Seasonal Sunday Brunch at Cygnus 27

I love breakfast! Don’t get me wrong. I get excited about a perfect BLT or the finest cut of prime beef like everyone else. But there is something about getting up early for a nice piece of crispy bacon or Filipino corned beef topped with fried eggs that make waking up worthwhile for this night owl. Once in awhile, my family craves a nice brunch on Sunday instead of our usual Sunday ritual of korma, jalfrezie and naan.  On the occasion of my birthday,
my family and I got ready early enough to hit the first seating of Cygnus 27’s famous Sunday Brunch at the Amway Grand Plaza. Early for us is 11AM and that’s pushing it a bit.

It has been about five years or so since we had experienced Cygnus 27’s brunch. The days of the chafing dishes and ruffled tablecloth on the buffet table is long gone. The more modern approach of small plates and a host of selective antipasto, salads and mini desserts are in. The omelet station is still the big hit but instead of crowding the buffet lines with a horrendous amount of hot items, you can now order small plates of Braised Oxtail, Prime Rib of Beef and even Five Spice Quail to whet your brunch appetite.

My kids didn’t waste anytime hitting the egg station and dessert station first. After filling up on their favorites, they just kept returning for little nibbles of bacon, sushi and French toast. I decided to try out the small plates of Braised Oxtail, Quail and Prime rib with fries; which the kitchen placed on a plate for easy consumption. Instead of the omelet station, the kitchen prepared a soft poached egg for my half order of eggs benedict.

While there weren’t any shortage of food options, it was the wonderful bloody mary bar with an assortment of spices and hot sauces that sealed the deal for me. With a bowl of towering celery stalks and marinated shrimp to top off the bloody, there is no question that we will be back for more brunches.


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