Nov 23, 2010

Konbanwa GR! Japanese Master Chef in Grand Rapids

Our hostess from the Grand Rapids Sister Cities International,
Jennifer Brown and Marcy Yanus
I have managed to make it to Cygnus 27 for two days in a row - first for the restaurant's famous Sunday Brunch and for last evening's very special "Konbanwa GR" dinner hosted by the Grand Rapids Sister Cities International and their respective Omihachiman committee members. A wonderful crowd of Sister Cities supporters, city power brokers and
even to the honorable Japanese Consul General of Detroit, Kuninori Matsuda.

The star of the evening, however, is Omihachiman's very own Master Chef, Akihiro Kotani. Chef Kotani leads the five restaurant brigade at the Hotel New Omi in Grand Rapid's Sister City of Omihachiman. With a skilled knife and a host of assistants, Chef Kotani produced a stellar line-up of very traditional Japanese dishes to educate and inspire the diners to the rich history and traditions of Japan.

The beautiful setting atop the Amway Grand
Scallop Sashimi at the reception
Sister City themed chopsticks
First Course: Sakizuke - silky Sesame Tofu with Tonburi, Radish, Greens, Wasabi & Dashi
Second Course: Otsukuri - Tuna, Yellowtail and Scallop Sahimi
Third Course: Yakimono - Magnolia Leaf Wrapped Salmon and
Japanese Beef with Onion, Green Onion, Mushroom and
Decorative Vegetables
Fourth Course: Awase Zakana - Toro and Chicken with Seasonings
Fifth Course: Gahan and Tomewan - Matsutake Mushroom Rice and Miso
Delicious Miso
Sixth Course:  Mizumono - Choujifu French-Toast style with Vanilla Ice Cream,
Warabi Mocha and Kinako
Joe and Susan Camp
Janet Korn and Gretchen Minhaar
Amy Young, Doug Small and Sally Zarafonetis
Master Chef Akihiro Kotani displaying his knife skills
Chef Otani and Hotel New Omi General Manager, Tsutomu Iwahara
Kimono display


Tsutomu Iwahara said...

Thank you for variously indebted for the day hello ahead.
I was going to see it for the first time today.
The first snow has fallen here this year.
A considerably cold as no that day.
About 300 customers are invited, and the dinner show of jazz starts today in the hotel here now.
If it is possible to go to the United States again, I will use the hotel by all means.
Then, it looks forward to the day when it can meet again.
I will read my hotel life every day of the future. Good-bye.
Thank you.

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