Oct 10, 2010

ArtPrize: One Last Look

I can guarantee you that I wasn't the only fan who made a last ditch effort to see as many entries on this last weekend of ArtPrize. The picture-perfect, 75 degrees and sunny weekend brought every living soul out on the streets of Grand Rapids. The hotels were full. The restaurants were packed. Lines outside the Art Museum were reminiscent of the first
weekend. After 19 days, the downtown buzz of activity has become, yes, almost normal.

I do regret missing out on seeing at least 60% of the 1,700+ entries. But, it's just impossible to see every entry with work and family obligations. And I feel bad because after seeing so many fantastic pieces this past weekend, I'm sure that there are many more world-class pieces I never had the chance to see. That's ArtPrize.

Unlike last year, when crowds hit ArtPrize on the three weekends, this year, every day was like a weekend. It was simply amazing to see the enthusiasm and energy in the city. Art was the topic of conversations in every nook of the city - from the coffee shops to the office. I looking forward to ArtPrize 2011, though, I am so glad to get back to some sort of normalcy tomorrow. Even the best things, must come to a close. 

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