Jul 5, 2010

Lunch at LA Farmer's Market

Meet me at Third and Fairfax remains the calling card for the beloved Los Angeles Farmers Market. The Farmers Market opened it's parking lot to neighboring farmers who sold their fresh produce and fruits to Angelenos in 1934. The idea of the metropolitan farmers market caught on, and since then, this LA institution has been the home for the best farmers products, comfort food meals from Mediterranean to
Korean, and event to a host of entertainment shows and retail shops. One of my favorite publication homes, Taschen, is located right below the clock tower.

Walking past the historic clock tower brought back instant memories of my lola (grandmother in Filipino) who frequented this shrine to fresh products and good market cuisine when she was living in Los Angeles in the 70's and 80's. 

The toughest part about the Farmer's Market is deciding which food stall to hit because the abundance of fantastic food smacks you right in the face upon your arrival. When all else fails, I always go Asian. So I settled for some nasi goreng, mee goreng and roti prata (above) from the Sinagapore's Banana Leaf restaurant which were all tremendous. 

The Farmers Market is a must see next time you visit LA. Your visit is not limited to your palate's delight, the fabulous The Grove, is home to Nordstrom, the Apple store and a host of top notch shops and additional restaurants and movie theaters. 
The famous clock tower with one of my favorite book shops.
Jicama salad
Seating is available in every corner of the market,
From traditional donuts to pizza
to gyros
Cook at Moishe's
Diners ar the French cafe, Monsieur Marcel
Great drinks at Pinkberry
My choice for lunch
Mexican Grill
The Farmers Market is a cozy place for lunch
Tea Shop
The Barber Shop
Classic Ice Cream
Even Brazilian home cooking

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