Jul 6, 2010

Best Kept (Burger) Secret in Grand Rapids

Every couple of months, my wife and I crave a juicy, well seasoned, plump, burger with mushrooms, grilled onions and cheese. While there are a boat load of good burgers in town, the burger at GP Sports, inside the Amway Grand, remains one of our favorites. At one point, it was the largest burger in town with a whopping 10-ounce of succulent beef until the 4lb Fifth-Third burger  was created at the Whitecaps ballpark. Let me see here...do I want to be stuffed with a little extra room for dessert or do I want to consume 10,800 calories of ground beef, nacho chips, cheese and beans? Get my point?

Next time you're downtown, take a detour from the ordinary and head over to GP for one heck of a delicious American classic.

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