Jun 1, 2010

Here are 6 good reasons to visit six.one.six restaurant

#1 - Talented & Friendly Culinary Team
Here's Flo Powell presenting the Wagyu Beef Brisket
 in the Chef's Lab

The six.one.six restaurant inside the JW Marriott Grand Rapids changes menus every eight weeks. Chef de Cuisine of six.one.six, Joel Wabeke, has done an incredible job of providing consistency in food profiles while delivering on the unexpected combinations on this ever changing menu. Not an easy task. But it sure gives all the loyal followers of this restaurant reasons to come back. 

The restaurant is enjoying a 40% increase in dinner covers to last year. An incredible feat given the economic conditions. The food is certainly the highlight and our compliments to JW Executive Chef Andrew Voss and his team for their discipline in delivering a consistent product at a reasonable price.

My family tried out the new menu which started last week. Let's just say we were not disappointed. This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the items on the new menu. Enjoy.

# 2 - Wagyu Beef "Brisket"
texas style barbeque . jalapeno cornbread . summer slaw $11. 
This is a very deliciously flavored piece of meat that we actually 
ordered a second serving. You won't find any true southerners 
complaining about the cornbread.
#3 - Grilled Calamari and Chorizo
medjool dates . parsley white bean puree .  lemon oil $10
I prefer my calamari grilled or sauteed without the breading and this
version hits the mark. The house made chorizo is succulent. The puree
balances all ingredients into one fabulous dish.
# 4 - Artisan Cheese Flatbread
beemster . raspberry-sherry preserve . arugula $8
My kids enjoyed this flatbread tremendously especially the sweet-tart
flavors of the preserve. 
# 5 - Crispy Squash Blossoms
capra blue . tasmanian leatherwood honey . smoked sea salt $12
This was my wife's favorite. Lightly crisp on the outside and a
cheese surprise inside. Now, how can you beat that?
# 6 - Pastured Rack of Veal
creamed spinach . wild mushroom .  telicherry pepper spaetzle . milk foam $26
A hearty dish with layers of flavors. I couldn't get enough of the 
wild mushroom on this dish. 

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