Jun 1, 2010

The Disco Shirt that Changed the World of Dance!

Photography by Tim Motley for Grand Rapids Social Diary

It has been two weeks since my infamous debut on the Dancing with the Make-A-Wish Stars event. Wow, what a terrific experience on many levels! I enjoyed myself to the point of actually missing the practices and the jitters of finally getting on stage in front of hundreds of people cheering you on. The enthusiasm of the audience was electrifying and it helped us amateur performers with our confidence.

I finished second to the dazzling performance by Peter Stuursma who deserved kudos for his charismatic stage presence. But truly, all the dancers deserve awards for devoting their time and their personal pride to raise awareness and funding for West Michigan Make-A-Wish Foundation

My sincere compliments to Molly Thompson, my professional dance partner, for enduring the task of teaching this neophyte how to disco and swing on stage. Molly, you're the best! My hats off to Casey Reed, owner of Salsalogy Dance Academy for all the support and patience with us dancers. Casey and Molly, you definitely pulled off one heck of a show.

I highly recommend attending this event next year for the production of the event is world class. To producer Cara Ontiveros, how can anyone top this event? From funniest intro video ever to the theatrical lighting and staging to all the million details that come with an event like this. To Blue Water Technologies for providing all the audio visual  and for doing miracles to make us dancers look good on stage. And to Elie Andrus and the board of directors for Make-A-Wish, for the constant support and genuine enthusiasm for the program. 

Finally, I am overwhelmed from the outpouring of support from my family and friends. One of my goals for the event was to raise the most money for Make-A-Wish, and yes, we did! To this day, the donations still keep coming! That is incredible. I am very humbled and grateful to have been a part of this wonderful event.

Thank you to all my Rock Star Donors and Supporters:

Don "Big Daddy" MacKenzie
Tami Sytsma
Dr. Julie Blanco
Merlotti Family
Alticor Corporate Enterprises
Doug Dozeman
Curt Wells
Rockford Construction
Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative
Candace Matthews
Tom Haas
John Bultema
Blaire Sharpe
Marcie Lewis
Rosy Lo Piparo
Becky & Drew Chuba
Kurt Lacks
Ryan Lacks
Blue Pearl Customer Strategies
Philip Streng
Janet Korn
Becky Ernst
Michael Ramirez
Jeanne Englehart
Dan Clappison
Steve Glass
Michael De Meyer
Mike Hughes
Bud Deppe
Audrey and Josh Depenbrok
Jennifer Crowley
Azizah Hines
Julie and Greg Hoelscher
MUSE Boutique
Jim and Barb Weaver
Frank Sorochinsky
Dan Dershem
Mike Bigford
David Nichol
Fritz Beirmeister
John Hare
Van Edgerton
Nancy Ayres
Bob Herr
Bob Koch
Mark Michon

Ahh, yes...here's the much anticipated video.


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