Mar 8, 2010

New Mexican Eatery Downtown

I had to visit Cinco De Mayo twice in one week just to make sure that my first time experience wasn't a fluke. Yes, Grand Rapids, we have a new favorite Mexican restaurant downtown worth going to. The atmosphere is bright with hand painted chairs and tables. The service and the food was lightning fast, which is perfect for lunch. I judge a Mexican restaurant by their chips and salsa and Cinco doesn't disappoint with a salsa with just enough spice and flavors to guarantee a second basket of chips. My steak fajita came out sizzling hot with a nice balance of vegetables and meat. The accompanying plate of pico de gallo, beans, guacamole, sour cream and rice also came out steaming. 

There were only two things missing from these past experiences: Mexican music and margaritas. Their liquor license is coming and I hope their bartenders live up to the appealing beverage menu. Music was obviously missing and my suggestion is to have good Mexican music and not settle for the local top 40 station to fill the void.


JR said...

I agree on the music. There are great/diverse Mexican sounds. It adds to the meal.

One thing I loved about Little Mexico was the strolling mariachis.

Jason Kinsman (LPO) said...

The d├ęcor is very similar to the El Burrito Loco located in Comstock Park. Perhaps you should check it out and compare.