Mar 2, 2010

The Best Team Building Event - The JW Chef School

Do you really want to impress your colleagues or friends with a fantastic team building event? Forget the retreat up north in some resort.  High ropes course - been there, done that. Try the JW Chef School. A team building experience with a culinary flair. And as you can see from the video, you don't have to be a home cook to do this. All levels are welcome and guaranteed to have a wonderful time. 

We break your group into teams and then provide you with a culinary coach from the JW team. The object is to out cook your opponent by creating a two or three course meal within an allotted time period. This is like Iron Chef extreme. We play loud music, provide you with drinks and then it's cooking time. Teams cook enough food for the entire team to enjoy later on or the JW can provide you with food while you cook. Judges are then presented with the plated dishes and a brief explanation of the creation. The competition could be fierce at times but nevertheless, one heck of a memorable experience.

The JW Chef School costs $150 per person for two courses or $175 per person for three courses. Call 616.242.1500 and ask for the banquet manager, Phil Weaver, to inquire about your event. Better yet, if you know me, call me directly.


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this is really a good way of starting to learn how to cook!

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