Jan 25, 2010

A Perfect Weekend Meal - Korean BBQ

My family finished off our week of home cooked meals with Korean bulgogi. With a portable burner and an Asian hot plate in the middle of the table, we all participated in the fun sport of table side barbecuing. It is so much fun to see your food cook in front of you - and trust me when I tell you that your kids will cherish these kind of meals at home.

I also made some lumpiang Shanghai (thin egg rolls), sauteed Korean-spiced okra, green beans and garlic rice. We engaged in discussion about the kids' childhood memories which concluded with our movie night of old family movies and a million shared laughs about the joys of being a family.

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Michelline said...

This is also one of our family favorites, and you're right, even teenagers tend to talk more when they're busy grilling their meat! Post your recipe George! Will try it with them. And hugs to my beautiful goddaughter.