Dec 9, 2009

This Is No Ordinary Trout

Harrietta Hills Rainbow Trout
lardon | brussel sprouts | fingerling potatoes | leek | fennel pollen hollandaise

As much as we dine at, we can't have enough of the wonderful food created by Chef Andrew Voss and Joel Wabeke. Certain dishes are worth a return trip or even more. Such as the case for the Harrietta Hills Rainbow Trout. Chef Joel gave me a sampler the first time he created it and I was literally hooked. I would never order trout on a menu, but this one very special. Just one of many dishes at deserving of an encore.

My wife started with her favorite salad: the endive and apple salad. A wonderfully crisp and crunchy salad. A true classic.  I had the sushi sampler which is a staple for me at the restaurant. While I had the magnificent trout, my wife enjoyed the Curried Goat Cheese Ravioli - a perfect introduction to the exquisite flavors of India with local goat cheese from Dancing Goat Creamery in Byron Center, Michigan.

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Endive & Apple Salad
endive | apple | bacon | candied pears | grain mustard | honey vinaigrette Sushi Sampler
seasonal nigiri and maki with proper accoutrements
Curried Goat Cheese Ravioli
golden raisins | red curry squash nage | baby mustard greens | sage brown butter


ashley said...

Timely post! I am heading to 616 this evening and can't wait to try your suggestions!

my Hotel Life said...

Let me know how you like it. Thanks for visiting 616

Loren said...

Glad to see you serving Harrieta Hills Trout. I know the Voglers that run the trout farm personally and they do a wonderful job!

Now I just need to get a night free for my wife and I to try it!