Dec 16, 2009

The Place For Men To Shop (Before It's Too Late)

There's something very special brewing in this little corner of town between downtown Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids. While I'm quite familiar with the dining establishments of Marie Catrib's, The Green Well and Cherie Inn, I have simply overlooked the rows of boutiques that dot this shopping oasis in the East Hills neighborhood on Cherry street.

On one late afternoon last month, my wife and I strolled in awe as we stumbled upon one beautifully designed shop after another. Though most of the shops target women, I couldn't think of a better place for men to do their last minute holiday shopping less the hordes of crazy, freaked-out people in the mall. All these shops are independently and locally owned - and to my surprise, very reasonably priced.

Speaking of which, I am one of those men who still have one very important Christmas gift to purchase (for my wife!) and I might just have to make my way back to Cherry street to complete the task. But unlike the malls, there is Corez Wine Bar on one end of the block, where I could unwind with a nice glass of cab after a grueling "hour" of shopping.

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