Oct 27, 2009

Sunday at the Salcedo Village Farmer's Market

Nestled amidst the skyscrapers, cafes and malls in the business district of Makati City is the Salcedo Village Farmer's Market. My cousins Rhett and Gigi Eala introduced me to this market which was just a block from their condo. After coffee and a light breakfast at the local coffee house, we strolled through this idyllic oasis one Sunday morning only to discover the amazing products and food featured at this market. This is not the market I remembered as a child growing up in Manila. There is an amazing cornucopia of fruits, cooked meats, seafood, vegetables and beautifully packaged products from the provinces. In one corner of the market, a vendor is roasting a suckling pig while another vendor from Laguna is selling buko (coconut) pies, the region's specialty. This market is a must-see on your next trip to Manila. While everything looked delectable, it's going to take me a lifetime to truly appreciate the "exotic" smell of the langka.

Queso de Bola - this is the spread version of the edam cheese
Embutido - stuffed pork
Seafood snacks such as squid and mussels
Itlog na pula or salted duck eggs
The fish lady
Birds of Paradise
Philippine Mango - the best in the world!
Suman - sticky rice treats wrapped in banana leaves
Siniguelas - a type of plum
The world famous "dirty" ice cream or sorbetes
Red Ginger Flower
talong - eggplant
A street food staple - Filipino BBQ
Filipino style fruit juices - very refreshing in the summer heat
Local pate
and of course, the langka or jackfruit


Jimmy Le said...

Loved the blog and the pictures really capture the essence. Thank u for sharing!

Eiyah Polendey said...

I really like your blog as well as the info you have shared here! Thanks for this.

eiyah @ salcedo market