Oct 26, 2009

A Picture Perfect Autumn Day

This past Sunday was the perfect Fall day for pumpkin picking, donuts and spiced cider at the local farm. The Fall colors were in full blossom and the smell of apples and cinnamon filled the crisp autumn air. It's days like these when I appreciate living in the midwest. There's just nothing like in in the States.

A twenty five minute drive north of Grand Rapids takes us to the country fields of Sparta and the Schwallier's Country Basket. There's a petting zoo, "cow" rides, hay rides through the orchard, free cider and fresh picked apples, a country store, and of course, homemade donuts. Though our kids are getting a little too old for the rides, the pumpkin picking and the donuts are still a hit.

We got home and the kids went at it with their carving tools. Margaux, my teenager, carved the Grateful Dead logo. Jules, my middle schooler, carved a University of Iowa "I" to commemorate our favorite football team. Francesca, my fifth grader, created a pumpkin with various geometrical shapes to be "a little unique" from all her friends. My wife assisted the kids while I made our family's version of a perfect Fall dinner - Balti Curry Chicken with Naan. How could you go wrong with Indian food?

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