Aug 5, 2009

Challenge # 4 : Do Something Patriotic

Filipinos all over the world are mourning the recent death of former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino. Her peaceful "People Power Revolution" toppled the Ferdinand Marcos regime in 1986. Cory was the first female president of the country and also the first female president in Asia. She was named Time Magazine's "Woman of the Year" that same year. The plight of the Filipino people for democracy was restored when Cory came to power. She brought back a sense of hope and freedom to the proud people of her country. This is her legacy.

While we Filipinos continue our daily struggle to find meaning in moving forward despite the tribulations we bring upon ourselves, it is my hope, through Cory's death, that we are able to take a small step towards a more prosperous Philippines.

In Cory's honor, I asked my daughter to make me a yellow wrist band (instead of a ribbon) - a wonderful suggestion by my friend Michelline Suarez. It is through this simple gesture of respect that I wish to show my pride in my people and embattled country. Mabuhay and Pilipinas!

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Fran said...

I made that bracelet!!! yay!