Aug 19, 2009

Challenge # 17 : Go To Wieners Circle

Nothing is more entertaining than ending your evening of partying in Chicago with a Char Grilled Dog and Cheddar Cheese Fries from Wieners Circle. This Lincoln Park hangout makes Seinfeld's Soup Nazi look like child's play. The predominantly African American staff, perched behind the elevated counter, dish out f-bombs freely without regard for one's emotional well being. This place between midnight and 4 AM is not for the tame at heart. Go ahead and dish it back and Big Mama, the manager, will crucify you with her tongue lashing. Extremely rude staff + drunk patrons = a people watching Oscar moment.

I spent many late evenings at the Wieners Circle; taking the crap like everyone else. In fact, my first job in Chicago was located two doors down from the joint. It's an awesome place to take visitors to America. This is American hospitality at its purest form.

And, yes, the char grilled cheddar dog with everything on it and the cheddar cheese fries are not bad either.

A Classic Chicago Dog with Everything!