Jul 17, 2009

A Garden in the City

The main theme surrounding the creation of the JW's signature restaurant, six.one.six, is to "Eat Local, Feel Global." Our initial plan was to open an Italian restaurant, which downtown Grand Rapids really needed in 2007. However, at the suggestion of our company president, we decided to switch the theme to something more local -- focusing on locally produced vegetables, herbs, and even protein -- using global spices and cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavors of our Michigan products.

Americans lack the same regional pride in their farm products as the French, Italians and Spaniards. We do not share the same respect for the land and the passion for products our local farmers produce. But in every pocket of our abundantly rich country are small pockets of farm missionaries who are spreading the benefits of local farming -- from farm cooperatives to locally owned restaurants and organizations fully committed to changing the way we value our earth-- and simply the way we live and eat. 

The tide is slowly changing in Grand Rapids and I believe that the JW has succeeded in our mission to support our agriculturally diverse State. Though our job is far from over, we are proud to showcase our new downtown city Chef's Garden, right on our jdek patio, overlooking the Grand River. We have slowly incorporated the greens and herbs in our restaurant and bar menu. In August, we are looking forward to our first heirloom tomato and pole bean harvest. Through our company recycling program, we can now fertilize our garden from the compost from our food wastes. It's a beautiful thing. 

Come visit our city garden at the JW. Better yet, stay for a meal at six.one.six or the jdek. 

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Andrew Voss said...

Chefs garden is sexy! Tomatoes are starting to sprout, about two or so weeks and we can harvest the cherry tom's. Good looking picture too GA!