May 7, 2009

The Spa at Peter Island Resort

During my stint on Peter Island Resort in the 90's, Reef Bay Beach wasn't much of a destination for resort guests. Its shallow waters were too literally too shallow, even for kids, not to mention, very rocky. The quarter mile beach was always covered with seaweed and the occasional garbage dumped by cruise ships. On one end is the makeshift grass helipad, and on the other, the resort's recycling plant. 

Today, Reef Bay Beach is the site of the breath-taking Spa at Peter Island Resort. The 10,000 square foot main building which houses 10 private treatment rooms, steam rooms, boutique, locker rooms, sits atop the former helipad. A two-tier pool and waterfall, two bohio treatment rooms, a hot tub overlooking the now pristine Reef Bay beach surround the perimeter of the main building. An array of fauna and tropical plants complete the manicured environment. Where the dirt road that connected the helipad to the recycling center once stood is now home to the yoga lawn with greens to match Augusta. A legitimate concrete helipad now occupies the former recycling area.

My wife and I enjoyed a quiet picnic lunch served in bento boxes (something I started fifteen years ago!) on the spa patio. We followed that by relaxing in the tub; reminiscing our days on the island. The addition of The Spa and the Falcon's Nest Villa has reassured Peter Island Resort's position as one of the top luxury destinations in the Caribbean.

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