May 7, 2009

The Dove Restaurant: A Foodie's Delight in the BVI

On an earlier trip to the BVI last month, my wife joined Paul and Judy Rydburg, the owners of the resident charter sailboat on Peter Island, the Silmaril, for a birthday celebration at the Barfly restaurant in Road Town. Undoubtedly surprised to finally see a charming bar in Road Town, it was the Barfly's sister restaurant that caught her attention as a place I would certainly value as foodie's delight. The Dove restaurant is steps away from the more famous Pusser's Outpost Pub on the waterfront. It is nestled on the lower level of a gingerbread-trimmed cottage with the Barfly above it. The two restaurants is connected by a cozy outdoor deck, which according to our server, Ashley, is the expat hangout on the weekends. 

It didn't take long for me to confirm my wife's affirmation. The Dove's menu has everything that I love to eat: Steamed Mussels, Pork Belly, Escargot, Sushi and Foie Gras for starters. Entree selections include Jumbo Prawns, Halibut, Pan Roasted Duck Breast and Dry Aged Rib Eye. I could have settled on a 5-course appetizer menu, but the thought of back to back indulgence of Pork Belly and Foie Gras will definitely send my cholesterol level to stratospheric levels. 

I settled on the Ginger Honey Pork Belly with Crispy Wonton and Pickled Daikon for starters and the Halibut with Lemongrass Butter Sauce, Black Sesame Risotto, Green Beans, Golden Beets, and Ginger Vinaigrette. My wife ordered the Jumbo Prawns with Rosemary Orange Glaze, Vodka Potato Puree, sauteed Fennel & Carrots and Basil Butter. 

The verdict : MEMORABLE! The Pork Belly was so succulent worthy of Anthony Bourdain's blessing. The Halibut was moist with subtle hints of lemongrass. I also liked the idea of the "exploding" black sesame risotto overflowing from an espresso cup. The Jumbo Prawns, while just as fantastic as the Halibut, could have used a few more pieces, especially for the $37.00 ticket.

My hats off to the Dove's American chef, Travis Phillips, for raising the bar (extremely high) in the BVI. I'm looking forward to the Foie Gras on my return trip. What the heck, I'll order the Pork Belly, too.

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mopalomo said...

Best place to eat in the BVI, no doubt. Ashley, one of my favorite girls there and Paul and Judy an extraordinary couple! Good on you for having such a great visit in the BVI!