Apr 15, 2009

The Hierarchy of Pork

I love pork! Americans love beef. Filipinos love pork. Any kind of pork - chicharon, pork belly, pork egg rolls, pork chops, and my favorite, the lechon or roasted pig. If you happen to know my doctor, please don't tell him how much I love the pig! Heaven is a meal of crispy lechon skin, meat, steamed jasmine rice and Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce

When I thought I've tasted everything pork, my foodie friends, Luigi and Luli Bernas, introduced me to the Pritchon last year. Pritchon is a whole pig, deep fried and served with pita bread and a cornucopia of sauces (pictured above). This is the Filipino version of peking duck but ten times the size and flavor. It's cholesterol in a pita bread - but worth every bite.  

Anthony Bourdain - The Pork Guru of all pork lovers proclaimed the Heirarchy of Pork in this order: 3rd place is Puerto Rico, 2nd place is Bali, Indonesia, and in 1st place, the ultimate Mecca for the best Pork in the world, is the Philippines! Check out Tony's food network show and blog on the Philippines and see for yourself what this former chain smoking, lambanog drinking chef, is talking about. 


Michelline said...

Hi George! Congratulations on your blog. I have to say I am not surprised you are a blogger. You have such a generous spirit and a love for people and for life. Keep writing, we'll be reading!

Anonymous said...

The best Filipino pork dishes that Anthony Bourdain never tasted:

1. Grilled Pork Ears Countryside on Katipunan Avenue. Sliced and dipped in sweet soy, vinegar and chilli sauce and eaten with hot steamed rice. This was supposedly the precursor of sisig which was originaly sold beside the old train tracks of San Fernando, Pampanga. Slimy,sweet, spicy and crunchy, the same barbecue "boy has been basting and grilling it (and fighting of the alley cats) beside Katipunan Avenue for the past thirty years.

2. Dading's Dinuguan. I've never figured out what pig parts are in there and why the blood soup is thicker than others, but it is perfectly textured and spiced. It's best when served with Puto from Tanauan, Batangas.

3. Isaw from the isaw carts beside UP Shopping Center. Best barbecued intestines in the country. Basted in some secret teriyaki-like sauce, I suspect containing the cheapest rum that can be bought. Best with ice cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

George Aquino said...

Dear Anonymous - you're making me hungry and hitting all the right spots. If you have time, please take pictures of GPECountryside and isaw carts so I can add it to my blog (I went to Ateneo so these two suggestions are dead on). Also, my family is from Tanauan - so that's 3 homeruns! Salamat for the comment. You can send the pictures if you have the opportunity to georgeaquino@mac.com. GA