Jun 27, 2011

A Pho and Soul Train Weekend

For me, nothing can be more comforting than a bowl of steaming hot pho inside a hole-in-a-wall restaurant. No one cares what you look like. Everyone is there to dive in this bowl of goodness - soup made out of reduced oxtail stock, star anise, seasonings, rare beef, hot peppers, bean sprouts, basil. 

My 14-year old son Jules was craving pho on Saturday, so I took him to Asian Palace on 28th St. and Clyde Park for one of the best pho's in town. We started with the mussels and capped the lunch with pho. Afterwards, he and I played
a round of golf in which he beat me for the first time in his life. Awesome.

On Sunday, Jules was craving pho again. This time, my wife tagged along. We ordered the exact same thing and then played another round of golf. This time, I won by four strokes. 

It must have been Soul Train weekend because Asian Palace had the show on both days. Stevie Wonder and Pho. A perfect combination I must say.

I did ask our waitress why pho restaurants always have a number - pho 82, pho 99, pho 1. She had no idea. Here is my theory. In cities in Vietnam, there are probably hundreds of pho stalls. Adding a number differentiates one stall from another - making it easier for the customer to remember. Anyone care to answer the question?


Jenna Arcidiacono said...

YUM! I love the Vietnamese and Stevie Wonder combo. I will be trying this place out very soon! Thanks for the tip!

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