Apr 18, 2011

The Best Hangover Food From Around the World

Philippines - Chicken Adobo with Garlic Rice and Fried Egg

We've all been there. The amazing dinner followed by an all-nighter at a foreign beach watering hole. The one too many sake kampai's at a reunion with close college friends. That four-day wedding weekend in Bali. The boys trip to Vegas. Oktoberfest in Munich. Carnival in Rio. J'ouvert in the Virgin Islands. It feels so good... until the next day when your head feels like a 50-pound medicine ball. 

In Manila where I grew up, the ultimate hangover cure is a combination of protein (cured sausage, sweet marinated pork or beef, adobo, corned beef, even deep friend fish), garlic fried rice, fried eggs and a vinegar dipping sauce. 

Do you have any suggestions for the best global hangover food?

Check out the best of list from Matador Network by clicking here.


chongkee said...

another good option is nilagang baka, steaming hot. i hear the "fear factor" version - soup number five - is also a good hangover remedy.

Caramoan said...

Would you consider softdrinks as hangovers remedy too? Cause I prefer drinking a bottle of softdrink after getting up from bed instead of sipping a soup. Would it be alright for me? And what would be the effect then?

Diane said...

Adoba is DEFINITELY great hangover food! I've eaten mine with some ginger ale to quell any nausea.

shackleton said...
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filipino girls said...

Hahaha hang-over after lots of red horse. My friends and I always go to a Tapsilog Restaurant and have some Tapa-Itlog Rice with Free Soup.

sathya said...

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