Jan 30, 2011

When Is The Best Time To Purchase Airline Tickets?

Travel industry experts say that the best time to buy airline tickets is during the mid-week. Airlines usually decide on ticket sales on Monday night, thus making Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's as the best days for travelers to purchase airline seats. WSJ writer, Scott McCartney also states that airlines usually decide to increase their prices on Thursday nights; making buying airline tickets over the weekend the worst time for travelers to purchase tickets. While airlines are slowly adapting fire sales online to their loyal followers,  social media sites such as facebook and twitter still account for a very minor share of total sales. 

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Photo compliments of Chad Morton.


chongkee said...

my personal experience has been that tickets are cheapest when you buy them over the weekend. i've found that they are actually most expensive from tuesday through thursday.

my theories are:

1. airlines have adjusted their prices upward midweek because people - thinking they are buying at the right time - have actually driven up demand during these days.

2. that the "buy during midweek" concept is an urban myth promulgated by the airline companies themselves.

just my $0.02.

My Hotel Life said...

Dear Chongkee -

Thanks for your 2 cents. If you found your buying strategy to be a good one, then stick with it.

I had a friend who managed the revenue management for American Airlines and the WSJ author's article is pretty right on - though there will always be exceptions.

I am not sure whether the midweek buying strategy applies to international travel.


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