Dec 17, 2010

The Veuve Party

The Winter party season officially kicked off as Grand Rapidians toasted glasses of champagne at the 2nd annual Veuve Clicquot Holiday Celebration at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel. Jus like the inaugural event, the party inside the Pantlind Ballroom was hopping from the moment the first cork of champagne popped until the last drop of juice
fizzled out of the last bottle. The city is definitely no longer the conservative and sleepy town it once was as smartly clad guests from Armani jackets to Manolo Blahnik shoes were on display on every corner of the room. Even the men showed up in evening attire as there wasn't a single guy in the sports bar uniform of team t-shirt, baggy jeans and Axe covered body spray in sight! The Veuve party is a good precursor to the city's New Year's Eve celebration which is slated to fill every hotel room and every bar downtown. It sure gives this city another reason to clink glasses filled with  Veuve. 


Laura said...

Such an incredible party! That was my first time in the Amway Ballroom and it is stunning! Thanks again for throwing the of the best of the year!

James w. Lanning said...
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James w. Lanning said...

Always good to be back in the Pantlind, a good time was very evidently had by all. Many thanks to the organizers.

sathya said...

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