Dec 6, 2010

The Good Life

It's official!

Life is good. Really good. 

When I started My Hotel Life blog in April of 2009, I never imagined that my hobby or my third shift job (as my wife fondly calls it) would ever result into an actual job offer to be a columnist for a magazine. Dreams do come true, and as of this month, I am officially a staff columnist for Lake Michigan Shore magazine. Shore magazine is a regional
lifestyle magazine, published ten times a year, with circulation in the Chicagoland area, Northern Indiana and Michigan's West Coast. 

My column, The Good Life, is all about my interests in life: travel, food, wines, design, photography and of course, the many events I encounter in the course of my job as a hotelier. Now, that's not a bad job if you may ask.  Special thanks go to Pat Colander, my editor at Shore, and Bill Masterson, publisher of the Times Media Company, for giving me the opportunity to share my passions through the beautiful pages of the magazine and the publication's online website

This opportunity wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family, friends and blog followers who have made this artistic experiment into a priceless journey of personal exploration and expression. Thank you.

Read my debut column, Reserve Wine Bar Addiction, by clicking here.

My debut column in the December 2010 issue


Michelline said...

I missed this when it first came out! Congratulations George! Your generosity of spirit has made this all possible.

George Aquino said...

Thanks Michelline. To some degree, your annual Christmas letter had a role in motivating me to start my blog. Now it's your turn.

sathya said...

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