Nov 8, 2010

CVI.CHE 105 - The Best South American Cuisine in Miami

Peruvian Minimalist in White - the interior of CVI.CHE 105 exudes the clean flavors in
every dish. 
When my friend and foodie confidant, Ryan Schmied, described this amazing "hole-in-the-wall" Peruvian restaurant in downtown Miami, he didn't have to dig too deep into the menu because he had me at ceviche. I am going to be bold in saying this but the Argentinean's and Brazillian's better watch out because Peruvian food is the real deal. And CVI.CHE 105 exemplifies what I believe is an extraordinary restaurant experience. I enjoy the best fine dining restaurant
experience like every one else, but nothing beats a meal so pure in it's delivery and so true to its culture that I can only wish that every ethnic restaurant could do the same. My dining experience at CVI.CHE 105 was so enjoyable, I probably would pass on the "best" restaurant in Miami on my next visit for a repeat experience at this eden of South American cooking.

Ryan and I were joined by my friends Gerhard and Marise, both connoisseurs of food and the good life. The dining consensus was overwhelmingly all thumbs up. Between the good conversation, the delightful atmosphere and the memorable dishes, this was one of the most enjoyable meals we have ever had in a very long time. What really made the meal so enjoyable too was Ryan's in-depth knowledge of Peruvian cuisine. Ryan is only 23, but dining with him is equivalent to dining with the chef of the restaurant. He knew every dish as if he grew up eating ceviche and tiraditos as a kid. Peru, according to Ryan has 200 varieties of potatoes and about 35 varieties of corn. From the toasted choclo's to start the meal to the humungous Huancaina corn, CVI.CHE 105 makes the most of what Peruvian food is all about without trying to be something else.

Chef Juan Chipoco leads the amazing culinary team. The service and host staff, especially our server, Pedro, are equally amazing and both proud and competent about their cuisine. Peru might be small compared to its bigger South American neighbors, but the flavors of her cuisine can stand toe-to-toe any day, not just with her neighbors, but the rest of the world. The JW Marriott Lima is looking like a future destination for the Aquino family.
Ceviche platter ranging from a mild to very spicy. An excellent starter for the table.
Mixed Chaufa Fried Rice - even the Asian's will have
difficulty improving on this incredible dish ($16.95)
Pisco Sour - the national drink of Peru
Cevichini 105 - Pisco with ginger, cilantro, celery,
lime and sugar
Toasted Choclo on every table
A non-alcoholic refresher - Chicha Morada
Traditional Ceviche
Creamy Ceviche
Medium Spice Ceviche
Flaming Ceviche
My ceviche sampler
Pedro, our server, is an amazing Peruvian culinary ambassador
Anticuchos - tender pieces f calf heart, marinated in a secret mix, then carried into the
heat of steaming coals which provides personality to the dish ($8.95)
Choclito a la Huancaina (Huancaina Peruvian Corn) - gigantic Peruvian corn with white
cheese and Huancaina sauce ($6.95)
Gerhard shares a bite of the Tiradito Virgen (Virgin sliced
fish); immaculate tiradito made with with fresh corvine fish,
covered in white cream and Peruvian corn (($8.95)
Grilled Churrasco Steak
Staff meals line the counter across from the open kitchen
Cortadito - my favorite way to end a meal - 
Window dining

105 NE 3rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132

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