Oct 30, 2010

Perfect afternoon for a stroll at Union Square greenmarket

Shoppers at Union Square Greenmarket
There's is just something invigorating about stumbling across a farmer's market in the middle of a metropolitan area. The contrast of small town farmers and high heeled ladies in their Manolo's. The banker in a pinstripe smelling the harvest tomatoes and cantaloupe. The sea of plastic tents in an ocean of steel, concrete and glass. Whether you are in Milan, Buenos Aires, Makati City or
in the Greenmarket in New York, the appeal is the same.

Here are some photos I took at Union Square on a perfect September afternoon. Even the krishna's were out with their pamphlets. The Union Square chess regulars were taking in the spotlight as many passers by stop to take a quick look at a the city's Karpov's and Spassky's. New Yorkers were tasting wines from the Finger Lakes while I was enamored with the Smokra (smoked okra). In this city of all cities, it's great to see that the farmer's market is very much a part of its DNA. And in New York Greenmarkets, they welcome food stamps. Now, that's an amazing concept.

The Union Square Greenmarket is open 4 days a week in season (Monday, Wednesday, friday and Saturday).

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