Aug 6, 2010

The Creative Class: Lynn Serulla

Lynn Serulla (right) and her friend staged this shot on a rainy day on
Fisk Lake in East Grand Rapids. 

My Hotel Life is proud to highlight designer and stylist, Lynn Serulla, as this blog's first Creative Class feature. A native of Grand Rapids, Lynn, along with her boyfriend Jason, just recently drove cross country to Los Angeles this summer to pursue their dreams in California.

Please contact me if you know of any creative personalities (artists, designers, architects, t-shirt artists, web
designers, performers) who would love to be featured on My Hotel Life. 

MHL: Tell us the time when you decided you were going to be a designer?

LS: Well , I would never categorize myself as a per say designer. I’d say I’m an artist.
I’m trying my hand as a wardrobe stylist, It’s coming along swimmingly.

MHL: Where do you get your design inspirations from?

LS: Everyday life, dependent on the project the inspirations can be  from many avenues.
Personally I love pulling from historical references especially the Rocco period . I love the weird and un typical. Siamese twins, animal/human beings and the boorish . I love the study of etiquette and the differences between cultures.

MHL: Who are your favorite designers? Brands?

 LS: As of right now, I’m really diggin Jeremy Scott.

MHL: How can a "small town girl" from GR make it big in LALA land?

LS: “All they can say is no” – My father

MHL: Where do you think your design is going to be in 10 years?

LS: I’m hoping to be doing costume design for the moving pictures! I just got done assisting in wardrobe on a film shot on the Universal lot. It’s happening… just have to keep at it.

MHL: What's the best part of studying in GR versus, let's say, NYC or Europe?

LS: You can have lifestyle in GR, It affordable. It’s a smaller community, so it’s easier to be recognized for your talents.You miss out on the events and culture that mold and shape artists.  High end galleries and designers are not as prevalent in GR as they are in say Milan, NY or LA.
Plus when you leave you have to start over with networking.
Grand Rapids is cheaper. I miss the Hot Dogs.

MHL: You just drove from GR to LA. Can you share some insights from your trip?

LS: It was Beautiful the west is something to be seen. And yes it is Wild, very very wild.

MHL: Would you ever come back to GR?

LS: I love Grand Rapids. It’s my home. I’ll be back, I don’t know when. Probably Christmas. 

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