Aug 28, 2010

The Bars and Restaurants of Boracay - circa 1990

Kon Tiki  floating bar

Kon Tiki - a great place to hang out
Nice washing area at Mango Ray
There's nothing like watching a Boracay sunset with a bottle of
San Miguel for only a quarter.
One of the original places with decent coffee and Euro backpackers
Picturesque entrance
Boracay in 1990 was a pool paradise
One of my favorite hangouts in Boracay. Brazilian music in a
very tropical setting.
Cocoloco is another beachside classic
Rows of restaurants and bars
Casimero's was a perfect place to people watch
My friend katie on front of Chez de Paris
An expat hangout
Hard Rock was this place for dancing
Sundown restaurant
Cocoloco was perfect for board games and cards
Another sunset hangout
Sharks was the other disco on the island
The local farmers market was very rustic back then


Hotels Grants Pass said...

Well, Boracay now has become more modern in terms of amenities and accommodations. More world-class, as they say. These ones in the 1990 look charming and lovely though.

LGL Mom said...

Thank you for posting your Boracay photos! Found this while searching "balsa raft kon tiki" to show my kid what a balsa raft looks like. My first trip to Boracay was also in 1990 (or was it 1989). The Kon Tiki and pina coladas...there were many foreign tourists, especially Norwegian sailors at the time. We stayed in a private home on a hill which I think is now a spa. We had to climb the steps; Lovely circular huts of bamboo, nipa. No electricity, just kerosene lamps! Wasn't there also this Italian restaurant...and really delicious Thai food at Sandcastles. Dad made me leave our slr at home (of all the times to not have a camera along!), so I have only a few blurry prints from a friend's underwater camera. Went back again in 1997, still ok but there was construction along the road when I biked to puka beach. Back in 1999..still okay but decided I may not return because I wanted it the way it was in 1990 :-) So thanks again for posting them, so good to just reminisce.

Raul Phillip Gatal said...

Iremember the Kontiki Bar and also El Toro Spanish Restaurant managed by Richie Gonzales. They served the best paella in Boracay...This was Boracay back in 1992 when it was still unspoilt...Ah, lovely memories